Dubai, UAE

The landscape takes its cue from the colours and textures of Arabic architecture. Rich browns and beiges: the marble, granite, sandstone and tinted concrete walkways contrast with the coloured tiles lining them. Date palms lend shade to rows of deckchairs along the expansive poolside. Terracotta pots, fountains and Bedouin tents add character to this Arabian retreat.

The contrast of formality and informality is illustrated through the swimming pools: the family pool is organic in nature, comparable to an oasis, while the adult pool is formal and classically structured. This theme is carried out through the planting with informal landscaping alongside structured planting reflecting a distinctively Arabian vernacular.

The mosaicking, tiling and jali (geometrically-motiffed screen) detailing speak to the regal nature of this development and the quality of the One & Only brand. Concept Masterplanning carried out by EDSA.