Unique secluded and tranquil, the crescent-shaped island of Vagaru in the Shaviyani Atoll is home to the idyllic Viceroy Maldives.

The informal and relaxed atmosphere invites a step off of decks of locally sourced wood directly into warm sands and onto the Indian Ocean beyond.

The natural beauty of the location is emphasised by the many water features that add symmetry and vivid colour reflecting the changing sky. A vast infinity pool connects earth to sky to sea – a stylistic connection that is echoed throughout the development.
Elements are transformed by night through artful lighting creating intimate zones and visually tying spaces together; adding ambiance whilst serving as an aesthetically appealing addition to the night-time canvas.

Interconnected pathways and elevated wood walkways connect pergolas and shared spaces while geometry found throughout woodwork adds richness to this informal atmosphere. Intricate detailing found in the finishings as well as site furniture, balustrades and bollards speaks to the capabilities of the practice.